Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cool Shit 9/4

Cool story about boat pilots navigating some of the toughest waters in the Pacific Northwest, in order to insure you have a choice of colors for your next Honda.

A cinematic history of James Bond. Also, Roger Moore is the best James Bond.

Well this is fun...apparently someone is putting up "interceptor" phone towers - towers that can help people listen in to cell phone calls. And yet, it seems no one knows who is doing it. 

Loopholes with casino licenses are fun. Take this story for example: You had the opportunity to gamble inside a trailer once every 2 years for eight hours.

If you're not watching The League, you're missing out on one of the better sitcoms of the past few years. I catch it on Netflix, which means I'm always a season behind, but I don't mind. Here's a compilation of Rafi, possibly the greatest television character ever created:

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