Monday, March 23, 2015

Cool Shit 3/23

So, it seems the X-Files coming back is getting closer, and that it will be some sort of special limited event series. Probably for the best. Again, take the model of True Detective, make it about one significant case but slow down the investigation just a bit and I think you'll find success.

Cool recreation of Jurassic Park using Legos, made by some dude and his daughter. And all it took was over $100,000 in Legos!

Before the Internet, kids got their toy cravings satisfied through department store catalogs that came through the mail. Personally, my favorite was Best. But this JC Penney catalog from 1982 isn't too shabby.

Led Zeppelin's top blues songs.

What will be the ultimate villain in the Game of Thrones' world? Most likely the Iron Bank.

Who doesn't want to watch a bunch of piranhas go to town on some meat?

Errol Morris, the king of true crime documentaries (I mean he did get a conviction overturned with his film, The Thin Blue Line) is apparently creating a true crime series for Netflix.

Facts about Peeps... those atrocious, barely edible artificial creations of goop weird people enjoy eating.

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