Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cool Shit 3/25

Alright, here we go... The X-Files is officially coming back. Six episode, limited run. Honestly, I things they'd like to see with the new show (a terrible list); here's a list from Entertainment Weekly that is slightly more realistic. Personally, I believe they should follow the True Detective model and give us the investigation of one case. I don't care if it involves aliens or not, I just want a beginning, middle and end with it.
think this is the best option. Give everyone some room to breathe with a good story, but not so much that it gets bogged down with too much "mythology." Esquire came up with 6

Yes, Ted Cruz announced his presidential campaign. But he was not the first. Not by a long shot. Personally I'm hoping Mike Gravel runs again:

Self-proclaimed UFO abductees are a curious lot.

NBC was pretty hands off with the show Seinfeld during its run, but apparently there were two scripts they refused to approve.

Here's a fun look at every killing Sylvester Stallone has made on film...

Get your shit together before you go to a fancy restaurant and act like you belong.

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