Friday, March 6, 2015

Cool Shit 3/6

Bet you thought it didn't take much to write a Roadrunner script, right? Guess again.

So, Toy Story 4 is a reality. And Toy Story 4 won't be a continuation of the trilogy that followed before it. But it seems that it will involve the same characters.

Our solar system boasts some pretty strange things flying around and in it.

Patton Oswalt lays out what an Unbreakable trilogy should be about.

There's something to be said for letting an artist alone to do his work; there's also something to be said for that artist realizing that a movie isn't just his one specific vision. It seems as though director Tony Kaye needs to strike that balance.

Going on Jeopardy soon? This statistical analysis of where the daily doubles are on the board will help you then!

Tango and Cash is awesome - but who was better: Stallone or Russell?

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