Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cool Shit 3/3

Apparently the Earth had moon envy of all those other multiple-mooned planets out there and went and got a second. Too bad it couldn't make its orbit any easier to track.
and got itself a

Interview with Larry David. He's going around because he has a new Broadway play out.

Not sure the news is as 100% as the headline implies, but it seems we are all closer to getting more X-Files.

So far, a rat study being conducted on New York city rats has turned up no plague. But the evidence is in place that it could be down there somewhere.

Read a new Stephen King short story here.

Amazon zipline now has Google street view!

The SNL ISIS sketch that apparently has been causing some controversy. Or at least offending people. Which is what good satire will sometimes do.

A much more eloquent argument against the making of Bladerunner 2 than I could ever make. It also states that Ridley Scott has been going around suggesting Deckard was a human though...I always thought he suggested Deckard was a replicant. I don't know anymore, this stuff is hard to keep up with and also completely stupid when you think about it.

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