Monday, March 9, 2015

Cool Shit 3/7

Cool archaeological things found that you might not necessarily know about, from all over the world.

Being a public library security guard sounds awesome. Seems like those porn videos are true!

If these are the ten most controversial skits in SNL's history, then really the show isn't that controversial when you get right down to it. "Mildly offensive" is probably the most I can muster for these.

I like this list of bizarre military strategies because it shows that a little bit of creative and outside the box thinking can help you achieve your goals.

Nick Hornby discusses what would happen if he were to create a sequel to High Fidelity.

A breakdown of what went wrong (or, possibly right if your opinion differs) in making the movie The Shining from the book.

Good thing to know - what do you do when a grenade is thrown at you?

Always interesting to hear about a "mystery noise" coming from outer space.

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