Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cool Shit 3/5

Lots of stuff today as it's snowing out here in the east and local news is collectively snowgasming along with the weather...

I was never sure why Alien3 was so despised. I get that they killed off popular characters, but the world in which Alien exists and takes place is a harsh mistress without a lot of positivity so it fits right in. Also, the concept of a prison planet, fighting the perfectly evolved killing machine without weapons was interesting. Had Fincher been given a little more control I bet it would have even been better. This guy agrees.

Speaking of movies with aliens, here's an update on the cast for Independence Day 2, which I know you've been clamoring for.

I don't know... I think this whole manned mission to Mars thing is really a big hoax. From reports I've read, we simply don't have the technology to come anywhere close to doing something like this. But if you're not like me and are optimistic about the potential of landing human beings on Mars, you will be interested to follow these nine hopeful astronauts.

Hey guys and gals not sure if you realized it yet, but there's a new Avengers trailer out!

And then there's this movie, about an elder Sherlock Holmes, played by Sir Ian McKellan...

A bit of casting news for Hannibal season 3.

Cool posters inspired by the Star Wars movies.

Nootropics - drugs that will supposedly enhance your cognitive activity.

I'm sure this isn't the most ridiculous product in the market currently, but I bet it would win a few rounds in the worst products tournament.

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