Monday, February 18, 2008

Has anyone seen this...?

I'm referring to this curious little video. (if you want to stay pure, I would recommend not clicking on the link. I'm classifying it as a spoiler, though it speaks nothing to the future of the characters on the show. Hopefully I'm being vague enough here.)

In the world of Lost, I'm pretty sure this is solid evidence that the island has something to do with manipulating time. And I'm bringing this to your attention so I can gloat. If you scroll down just a little bit, you will see I thought that waaaay back in 2005. And many of you (you know who you are) scoffed at me. Well who's doing the scoffing now?

Time Loop!


Evan O said...

this would be helpful if I could read french

Goose said...

um, you did click on the link, right? Because if not - prepared to be blown away (the Jeff Bridges Blown Away, by the way).

Cline said...

Don't you mean the Joan Cusack Blown Away?

And wouldn't the Corey/Eggert/Corey Blown Away be preferable?