Monday, February 11, 2008

Not JAFO, that Roy Scheider

I was 3 - it was back when movies stayed in the theaters for years on end. Especially the good ones. In a stroke of liberal parenting (the one time my parents chose this avenue) my mom and dad took me to see Jaws. And I'll never forget it. Missing only 2 scenes (old Ben Gardner making his last appearance in the movie and Quint's boat slide) because of my dad's shielding hand, I fell in love with the movie. And even though I refused to touch my bedroom floor at night for weeks, the movie (obviously) left a lasting impression on me. Martin Brody was a true american hero in my eyes and one I tried to emulate for years (and probably still try. Because I'm weird).

The French Connection...Blue Thunder...The Seven-Ups...heck even 2010 ("Piece of pie") they're all great. Godspeed Mr. Scheider. You will be missed.

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