Thursday, February 28, 2008

Link of the Day

What a perfect idea for a blog. So trivial, yet so captivating, it's something we here at The Popcorn Trick strive to achieve. And maybe someday, when we realize no one reads anymore, we'll achieve it.

But this blog is simply genius. The Guess My Crime blog is not only perfect for our voyeuristic society, it turns our peeping tom tendencies into a game. The premise is brilliantly simple. It shows mug shots of people with a list of possible crimes they could have committed. The visitor then guesses what crime the "alleged" criminal performed.

And yet it's so much more than that. Please come take a look at some of my favorites so far...

This lass is far too amused to have been arrested. She should be out partying still. That the cops killed her buzz obviously hasn't sunk in yet. If I had to guess, I'm gonna say she was picked up with some herb in her pocket. Her cheeks aren't sallow enough to have it be heroin.

Just a suspended license? This girl looks a lot more mischievous than that. I'm thinking more of the criminal mastermind actually. I bet she has a gaggle of boys ready to do her bidding. That she got caught will only fuel her wrath against these henchmen, for not taking the fall for her. That, or she just mouthed off a little too much and she got run in.

No proof of insurance? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that probably goes a little further all the way to no insurance whatsoever. Strangely, he doesn't seem to concerned about it. Also looks as though he's been in this situation before.

Ok, c'mon. You can't tell me I was the only one who thought this guy was sneakin into to little Sally's room at night. But no, just a simple DUI. At least this time. Something tells me when the cops do a little digging they're gonna find a few more things to charge him with.

So what have we learned other than I love this blog? 1.) People out there don't seem to take being arrested as seriously as you see on Law & Order, and 2.) If I were single, I think I'd be hanging around the jail looking for some easy strange to pick up.

Regardless, please visit the Guess My Crime blog and support them as much as you can so I can keep getting my crime fix without actually having to commit a crime.

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