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Want a little Lost? Well you get a lot!

It's no secret that we here at The Popcorn Trick are huge fans of Lost. So much so, that for the past three years, I have take a moment here and there to joy down my ideas and theories of just what the heck is going on on that island. And now I pass them along to you!

Unedited, rough - it's just the way I want to share them, so you can scoff at the errors, laugh at my foolishness and be dazzled by the potential of the predictions coming true. Be warned - it's a bunch of stuff and you ADD freaks will probably wine about the length, but I didn't want to edit anything in case it actually comes true. So without further ramblin'...

My theory on Lost
November 2, 2005

The island has 6 stations. They correspond to the Dharma Initiative. The Swan station, is the electromagnet one. Apparently there was an incident. I believe whatever they found (be it magnetic properties or something else) basically can create a fold in time. So this station is actually still based in the 70s or 80s, when the project started. That explains the old feel of that bunker. Every 108 minutes, the numbers have to be entered so that this fold in time still exists. If they aren’t, maybe time folds in on itself and destroys the world. No idea about that. Still working on it. Anyway, the rest of the island is in the present. Reasoning? The hatch where the tail survivors were seemed run down and dilapidated. Basically it appeared as though the project was abandoned and the hatch hadn’t been used in years.

A lot has been made about the food in the hatch. Why there wasn’t a lot more in there, or where it came from in the first place. Could supplies be being air dropped or something? But why would a company continue to drop supplies to an island if they abandoned the other projects? Well that’s where the time loop comes in. If it’s a loop, the same period of time could be being repeated over and over. So maybe supplies are being dropped – but it’s always the same supplies being dropped over and over, because time is now in a loop.

So now the plane crash…well what if continually pushing the buttons causes the loop in time? And what if at one point about 44 days ago (not 100% accurate on this) Desmond didn’t put in the exact sequence? What if he missed it or typed it wrong? And that had an effect that would cause a plane to crash? And once he realized it, he went back to punching in the numbers. So now the castaways are caught in this time loop?

It would explain the weather predictions (Locke seems to know when it might rain, he might have possibly recognized the pattern) and maybe it sent the lostaways back in time which might explain Locke being able to walk? Almost like he now exists before he lost the use of his legs? And puts Jack in a position to see people he already met in his past? Maybe grabbing at straws here.

And maybe children are so important to get out of there because they haven’t been born yet at this point in time? So they shouldn’t exactly “exist” on the island? I’m just trying to force some of the stuff that’s been going on into my theory.

The numbers could also play a part because if there is something to do with time, possibly someone could know the numbers from the future and use them in the past which would mess stuff up. Like the lottery or something. Maybe you can’t use the numbers out of place in time, and if you do, bad stuff happens. I know that doesn’t explain a lot of their placement in the rest of the series.

Another thing I read on a forum is that the people on the boat that grabbed Walt, is that they could possibly be the De Groots, the couple that were in the video seen developing all these initiatives at U. of Mich. Now, what if they got sucked into the present somehow on the island, and are trying to get back to their time? But they can’t find the hatch, and so they’re just trying to survive on the island. They know no one will come save them because they put the island because Dharma left years ago (that’s the present) so they’ve basically gone crazy.

The theory isn’t fully fleshed out, and there are obvious holes, but it’s fun to speculate. I’m at least leaning toward time warp/loop/fold. It also explains the pirate ship in the middle of the island. And then maybe the monster is a dinosuar, even though they said it wasn’t.

The time loop also helps explain the monster, and the appearances of the monster. What if the monster was a dinosaur? Perhaps a dinosaur happened through the magnetic field that surrounds part/all of the island and was therefore around to rip the pilot out of the plane and chew up his body. And then maybe it somehow walked out of the loop. Or the code in the computer controls the loop, and therefore if it wasn’t punched in a couple of times, the dinosaur went back to its present time. The rest of the incidents on the island could actually be a “security system” as Rousseau said the monster was, or it could be things coming in and out of the time loop.

Theory on Lost – revised

Ok, some of the time loop stuff might be true and some of it might be a little far fetched. Of course the appearance of Locke’s dad could suggest that there is a way to travel from the island to the “mainland” (for lack of better term. Assume it means the real world) through a wormhole or some other rip in the fabric of time. Who knows? That might be a giant leap of faith.

Anyway, I think the show currently is heavily leaning toward the idea of the fathers of the castaways somehow being involved in what is going on on the island. Aside from many of the main characters having daddy issues (Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Sun, Kate), this could also go a long way into explaining how these specific individuals got on the island. And it could stem all from this one theory:

Jack’s dad is Jacob.

Last night, we saw Ben hold Jacob in very referential tones. There was a lot of “Jacob can fix this.” But we have yet to see Jacob, which suggests that he is either not on the island, or he at least travels back and forth from it. The island seems to have a real world presence, and so this could be where Jacob spends most his time. It seems that Jacob has some background in medicine (as does Jack’s dad) and Jack now has another connection that was given a lot more priority last night (he’s Claire’s dad, who is now the only person on the island who seems to have had a kid there.) Did he manipulate things to get her there?

The other meta idea of Jacob controlling things is the idea of the plane crash. While the Others seemingly had no idea it was going to happen, it’s entirely possible “Jacob” orchestrated it and neglected to tell them (reasons unclear still). This would explain how these people could have all been on the same plane.

I’m suggesting that there is a cabal of people made up of the fathers’ of the main characters. Whether they sit on the board of this biomedicine company or whatever – they seem to have the means to get all these people on the island. Kate’s dad was military, Sawyer’s dad (who it is speculated could be Locke’s father (whether or not they’re brothers or that guy is scamming Locke will hopefully come up later), Jack’s dad (obviously) and Sun’s father (would he send his daughter to the island for research – especially if he knew her baby wasn’t hers? I’m assuming if these fathers are in cahoots with the Others, they can gather the same intel and know things that even the characters might not know about themselves).

Furthermore, with these parents behind some of the stuff, it only makes sense that they might want their children to either be part of something big, or to take over eventually. Ben and the Others at this point might not be anything more than “guardians” to whatever the island holds – and the company wants to continue the research.

Obviously there are a lot of holes here and other things that aren’t taken into account. I just came up with this on the fly.

Theory on Lost – 2/7/08 (before Season 4: ep. 2 aired)

One show into Season 4 and my theory changes – but not as much as I thought it would. I still think fathers may be involved… mostly Jack’s dad at this point. I’m not buying the whole, “well I’m messed up on drugs so I think my dad is still alive when he isn’t” moment from last year’s finale.

I believe the island is some sort of portal – and that the Jacob character may be stuck between the 2 moments the portal connects. Yes, I said “moments,” because I still believe it has something to do with time.

The big question now is what happened to make Jack want to go back to the island from his flashback. I’m guessing it has something to do with guilt (he’s got a lot of that) that slowly eats at him.

On the island time stops. It’s kinda like it’s held outside of time. That’s why Ben’s friend (forget his name – the one that talks to Locke about killing his dad) and Ben for that matter don’t seem to age. Now, Ben did age from teenager to who he is now, because he has gone off the island (for whatever reason) and then come back.

Now, because of what happened to Desmond (the explosion of the button and dharma station) he has somehow found himself back in “current” time – meaning time is moving for him. This is suggested by his beard growth. His beard grows, yet no one else’s does.

This is also evidence of the time loop. One can be effectively created by traveling on and off the island.

I also got a weird “Tyler Durden” vibe from Charlie in the premiere. The shaved head, glasses and different clothes seemed to give a nod to Fight Club and the TD character. Is that a hint that everything is in Hurley’s mind? Is he just play acting all the characters? I don’t think so, but then could it have been a red herring the producers love to put in the episodes?

Once again it seemed rain is something significant. It happened at a pretty climactic moment in the premiere.

One thing that is weird is how much Locke is working to make sure Jack stays on the island. This could lead to Jack’s dad having some sort of evidence. It has been suggested (and backed up with screen shots) that Jack’s father is in the cabin with Locke in the premiere. If these two are having a powwow, or have been for a time, that could explain why Locke has been doing all this crazy stuff to keep Jack on the island (specifically blowing up the submarine. Otherwise why should Locke care if people leave the island. He can stay.)

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