Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh boy...

I'm nervous.

More nervous than before.


Because I just watched this.

That's right. It's the trailer for the new Indiana Jones movie. Never mind that just about half of it is scenes from the first 3 movies. I'm nervous because I'm not sure how Spielberg and Lucas are going to handle this thing. All I can go by are the clues they have decided to show and tell us.

Take this article for instance. It seems the whole thing is doing damage control - before the movie has even come out. That doesn't bode well.

And then there's the truck scene from the trailer. I won't spoil it so hurry up and go watch it. Ok, I don't have problem with the action, and the stunt looks cool, UNTIL he falls into the cab of the truck, and gives us the clever quip.

Compare that to the truck scene from the first movie...possibly the greatest action sequence put to film. Now, we all know that the truck scene is completely unbelievable, yet the action and tension of the scene work perfectly. My heart races for the entire sequence even though I know the outcome.

So now, when I see this new truck stunt (admittedly only a snippet in the trailer) and I hear the corny line, it gives me pause. Why do that? Why release the tension of the scene?

And that's why I'm nervous.

It certainly isn't going to keep me from seeing the movie. But these 2 things have made me take pause, and keep my expectations grounded (never mind the rumored storyline I keep hearing about). I know there can never be another Raiders of the Lost Ark, I just wish some of that magic could be recaptured.

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