Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Popcorn Trick 3.0 - Bacon, Strippers, & Not-At-All-Crazy Lost Theories!

Studio Engineer First Class Bruce O'Neill seems to have ironed out the kinks with the recording setup we spared all kinds of expense to create. After recording (and re-recording) an entire Episode 2.0, we decided to shelve it because the echoes & static were too much for even our mothers to sit through. The content is hard enough to take without your ear being assaulted with non-verbal tyranny.

But those sordid details are firmly behind us, and we heed the advice of Christopher Lee in Dragnet: Ever Forward.

Episode 3.0 covers a wide range of topics. "The Best" encompasses Bacon Martinis and a hot-blooded volcanologist with great hair and an even better hunch. Goose rambles on about beard theory and how it affects Lost. And we discuss what songs you don't want to hear while a single mother rubs herself on you for money.

I did neglect to mention my least favorite moment of the strip club experience, the memory of which was triggered by "That Smell". Of course I'm talking about when the dancers have finished their shift upon the pole. Often they are then obligated to grab a spray bottle of some kind of disinfecting fluid. They spray down the pole, and dry it with a paper towel. I understand that it's a necessary and hygienically imperative step to take. I do. But it takes you out of the moment and totally kills the romance. Kinda like condoms in porn.

SeeqPod - Playable Search

This song wasn't covered in the podcast but it just missed the cut for bad strip club songs. I randomly heard a dance remix of this on one of Sirius dance channels on the morning of the podcast recording. It was pretty awesome, mostly Yoko Ono saying "Let me take my pants off... No! No! No!" The combination of Yoko Ono saying anything, much less asking if I wanted her to remove various articles of clothing, then saying "No!", as if there were a chance I would say "Yes!" is enough to make anyone's vas deferens shrivel and reverse course. Apparently the remix made it to #1 on some obscure Billboard list:


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See you soon for Episode 9.0!

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