Friday, February 22, 2008

PODCAST RECAP - Episode 4.0

As our technical difficulties subside (thanks to Studio Engineer Bruce's brilliantly subtle idea of swapping USB cords), we're beginning to gel. Our oats are raw from being felt so much, not to mention our stride filing a restraining order against us from being hit so hard.

The ones & zeros of Episode 4.0 is now available via iTunes. Get yo' Popcorn while it's hot!

Topics we covered this week:
  1. This blog and how "blowin' up" it is.
  2. The Best - My $7 haircut vs. Goose's Conspiracy podcasts.
  3. Musical Interlude - Talkin' Baseball with no references to Griffey's immensely swollen head.
  4. A brief Lost discussion of who we'd want on our island.
  5. Spooky Internet sounds - Laurie Anderson takes on Bigfoot.

Streaming Audio:

* Rucker/Sweet covering The Beach Boys is totally unrelated to the podcast. Just thought it was cool.


  1. A Lost theory so dense, I "jokingly" (quotations needed in case any bloodsucking lawyers are reading this) offered my car and/or house if they could explain it to me:
  2. Cutter's Corner (home of the $7 haircut) -
    1. A new Google Map of places we've mentioned -
  3. Conspiracy Podcasts
  4. Bigfoot site -

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