Monday, February 11, 2013

Cool Shit 2/11

Matt Taibbi, writer for Rolling Stone (and one of the better investigative journalists out there, in my opinion, reporting on the sins of the government), did an AMA on Redditt. (For those who don't know - an "AMA" is "Ask Me Anything.")

I don't know, do you want a list of songs about one night stands? Because one exists. And here it is. Of course, it doesn't include Norwegian Wood, by the Beatles, which I thought was about a one night stand John Lennon had. Hold on one second as I go wiki it in real time...ok, so it seems, the song isn't about a one night stand, but about an affair - though the description of its meaning by both Paul and John is a little vague on the details, so I'm going to pull an audible and say it WAS about a one night stand, possibly changing the canon of the Beatles in doing so, but hey - where were we?

(A lot of the above might have to do with the fact that I'm currently listening to Tame Impala, a band that some might suggest sound like some of the trippier Beatles catalog, myself included. Listen for yourself...

Quick - get the Weathergirls back together. I smell a new hit (though rhyming anything with "spice" and making it work is going to be difficult. Also, raining spiders might be the next title of my nightmare.)

Movie trailer for Leviathan - a documentary about commercial fishing off the New England coast...though there are many television shows that depict this lifestyle, this movie looks to perhaps take a different visual approach to it. So if you ever thought Deadliest Catch wasn't visual enough to give you the whole picture of what it's like to go out to see for weeks on a fishing boat, this movie is for you. (Warning, if you get seasick easy, this might not be for you):

And then there's this most awesome thing of taking a love of Legos and combining it with a passion of curling, to make this.

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