Sunday, February 17, 2013

The FireCorn TrickPop SideChat: Podcast #3, or “Hitting the post like it owes us the vig”

Here are your segments:

  1. Proposing segments (META!)
  2. How would we describe ourselves naked?
  3. What is another word for a woman’s most holy of holes?
  4. How about some signs you could add to your yard to annoy your conservative neighbor across the street? Hypothetically.

Also, we all take turns trying to “hit the post”. That  is an obscure bit of radio DJ terminology relating to the obnoxious habit of talking over the start of a song, but shutting up prior to the first syllable of the first word of the first lyric.

And we recorded it on an iPad.

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After the jump, I’ve added some supplementary videos to help you fully understand and appreciate our art. Enjoy.

I couldn’t find any proof of what supposedly happens the first time you snowboard. There are a lot of snowboarding videos with the word “gay” in the title, but none better than this.

Hang in till the end. It’s worth it.

One of Stern’s favorite recurring bits is mocking the traditional DJ patter, including “hitting the post”. This is a taste of that.

I miss Artie.

Couldn’t find any Japanese beer/STD hybrid ads, but hopefully an ad for what looks like Japanese kiddie beer will make up for that oversight.

I wish I were a Japanese child.

Apparently, there’s something resembling a Scott Bakula fan club. Their creativity cannot be denied. Their spelling and grammar however, are eminently deniable.

Oh, so that’s how “Waited” is spelled.

This one’s for Shane. And that other guy.

This is barely consensual.

This guy’s doing the Lord’s work. And apparently the Lord likes when people explain a joke.


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