Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cool Shit 2/20

I was hoodwinked by popular acclaim (not to mention a "loosely" defined book club) into reading The Girl with Dragon Tattoo. So when I see a trailer for a foreign film based on a popular novel, I roll my eye slightly. But dammit if this thing isn't the least bit intriguing. Also seems to have some cool shots...

Oh good - it seems there is a "mysterious slime" appearing over in England. Also, the article actually has the phrase "regurgitated innards, which is always pleasant to read in the morning.

Such a small, almost insignificant article from Esquire that is yet still packed with crazy curiosities! Starting with the recent Brussels 50 million dollar diamond heist, it goes on to question whether that was the best heist ever, citing some other recent heists. Some of the tidbits of those heists include identical twins getting off on a technicality, cross dressing, and the apparent unveiling of a group of thieves known as The Pink Panthers!

Honestly though, they had me at the word "heist."

Fan of The Thing? Then maybe you want to check out this completely unconfirmed story about who may or may not have been the alien at the end of the movie. Or maybe you don't want to. Your decision is a simple click away.

Incredibly long, but incredibly crazy story about junk food. We are all just slaves.

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