Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cool Shit 2/13

Whoa. Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, is a complete whack job. And that is completely awesome.

Wired asked some fairly famous fans of the Star Wars movies what makes a good Star Wars movie. Here are their answers. Also, if you enjoyed that, you might enjoy this complete breakdown of the battle on Hoth, and how stupid the rebel forces were.

I'm not sure I can get behind Chicken & Waffles or Cheesy Garlic bread flavors, but sign me up for Sriacha flavored potato chips!

Trailer for the movie Computer Chess - a faux documentary (I think) about people in the 70s developing the first artificial intelligence to beat a chess grandmaster. I think. Actually, just read this if you're interested.

Dirty pool or capitalism at its apex? The war between big brewery and micro craft beers in the shopping sphere.

And finally, a look at a cover of a song - but you're going to have to work with me a little bit here. So please, don't skip to the second one - (re)acquaint yourself with the original song first. It gives much needed context...

David Bowie's song Sound and Vision, from the album Low is a nice little song, with a rather difficult arrangement. You can take a listen here:

But that of course would never stop Beck from attempting to perform it live...with a full orchestra and choir. Take a listen to that right here (and I know it's over 9 minutes long, but try to stay to the end - it's worth it):

(Mildly related: I now am on a quest to get that awesome jacket Beck is wearing)

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