Friday, February 15, 2013

Cool Shit 2/15

Interview with David Lee Roth. I enjoyed very much him talking about the current state of Van Halen. A lot of what he says I can completely see, but then he goes and talks about other stuff, which is completely crazy (specifically his rock opera). So I don't know what to think anymore. Other than DLR is batshit insane.

Here's a pretty simple example of how marketing works. I have never tasted these beers, but the cool looking labels have certainly piqued my interest and I will now, notice them in the beer store and probably be more inclined to buy one.

Before reading this article, I'd never heard of Jean Shepherd, or the I, Libertine hoax. Shame on me. A great story here for all the weirdos and "night people."

That New Year's resolution to go vegan not working out for you? Or maybe you just want a challenge. Regardless, here are a few tips that might help you go vegan, should you want to.

An in-depth look into the artist known as Banksy, or as in-depth as you can get about an anonymous person who controls what information he wants out there about himself.

There's a new Die Hard coming out today. Sadly, it seems as though this series has completely gone off the rails and fails to live up to the original - a movie many consider to be a classic. And here's why.

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gdr said...

Instead of a link to the artist Bansky, how about an update on radio genius Barsky?