Monday, February 4, 2013

Cool Shit 2/4

For any of you who wanted to understand the Star Wars universe a little more, here's a map with everything laid out, that...probably won't help much, but it looks kinda cool.

A couple hangover cures from bartenders. Though, to be fair, why should we listen to bartenders about hangover cures? They're not the perpetually drunk ones - they're the scary shadows in the corners that provide the rest of us with the poison! They're the pushers. We're the victims. Shouldn't we be telling the bartenders the cures so they can provide that information to other people in their times of weakness?

Sure Super Bowl Media Day is crazy in and of itself. But what is it like on acid?

Netflix released a new series this weekend called House of Cards -- and released all of its episodes simultaneously. Many out there are suggesting this release is going to change the way we watch television, which I guess is possibly true, except didn't the release of entire shows' seasons on DVD already do that? Articles like this one seem to be the old media trying to catch up with the present entertainment landscape.

Here are 50 reasons to be excited about music in the upcoming year.

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