Friday, October 25, 2013

The Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2013: Law Enforcement Edition

If you've missed the first two parts in this ongoing series to look at the ridiculousness of how ladies can turn the wholesomeness of a pagan holiday into a porn convention, you can check them out here and here.

But today's a special edition that dives into the world of the sexy cop. Because if you thought that costumes was simply one with handcuffs, a baton and short shorts, well...well you'd be right, but that's just the first branch on the sexy cop tree. And we're going to climb this one to the top...

First of all, there are plenty of options you can choose from if you're thinking about going as a sexy cop this year...

But if you want to add something a little different, and take the drab and boring out of the sexy cop, you do have some options...

Sexy DEA Agent

I'm really hoping the DEA saw statistics that suggested sexy cop costumes led to an increase in applications to police academies, and therefore put a plan in motion to increase their applicants with costumes such as this one.

Sexy Sheriff

This costume is for the girl who wants to go to a party and make sure she not only isn't the one of five girls in a sexy cop costume, but at the end of the night will be bossing those five sexy cops around. You know, like a sorority sister and her pledges.

Sexy Secret Service

The tie does everything it can to scream sophisticated.


If sexy costumes has taught us anything, it's that baseball caps are pretty much used exclusively by law enforcement agencies to tell the difference between themselves.

Sexy Undead Zombie Cop

I like the chutzpah of this costume going not simply for sexy, but for sexy and gory. Just like I like my porn!

Sexy Sherlock Holmes

Because everyone realizes the sexy potential of a popular late 19ht century old man detective with a coke problem and a guy who hangs around with constantly!

Sexy Royal Guard

British people here on Halloween don't fret! You can not only objectify yourself but also your country by dressing up as a Royal Guard!

Sexy CSI 

I have to imagine this is more of a sexy CSI agent in training, as she has the tape all around her and not the crime scene!

Sexy Border Patrol Agent

And finally, labeled a sexy border patrol agent, I wouldn't have known otherwise. Maybe the boots are designed high for walking in tough terrain and not getting in the brambles? I'd say she was dressed for hot weather but then I would have to say that for all the outfits. Not sure why we can't abide by the baseball cap identifying labels like everyone else.

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