Friday, May 30, 2014

Cool Shit 5/30

The Columbia River has been the scene of some interesting, secretive boats, and no one knows exactly what they're being used for...

Art heists! They've always fascinated me. Actually, the art world in general has always fascinated me.

I think the biggest surprise looking at this chart of where ceremonial pitches ended up from famous people, is Michael Jordan. This is a guy who actually attempted to play this sport at a professional level.

Love Dick Cavett. Love love love him. In fact, including this article about his worst show ever is just going to send me down the youtube rabbit hole of Dick Cavett show clips.

Deleted scenes from famous movies we're probably never going to see.

If you were afraid that Independence Day 2 was never going to be made, this news will delight you. If on the other hand you weren't afraid...

I've been following the Snowpiercer movie for quite some time, anticipating its American release, because the plot sounded so bats hit insane. And this first American trailer seems to confirm that. Unfortunately, it seems as though it's only going to get a very limited release.

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