Thursday, May 14, 2009

Links of Interest 5/14

Looking back fondly on The Big Lebowski.

I’m sure this Kobe Bryant documentary will be informative and not at all manipulating.

The biggest surprise about Terry Gilliam’s latest film? That it got finished.

Cameron Crowe lists his favorite musical moments from film. Biggest omission? Get ‘em McGettigan.

I’m not about to call any Mr. T merchandise pitiful.

Supertrain is awesome and I loved it as a child. And was pissed when they canceled it. But I’m not sure it can hold a candle to The Big Bus which I also watched and enjoyed as a child. Moral of the story I watched a lot of terrible TV as a child.

This of course is a frightening story about how the US manages it’s nuclear weapons program.

This story starts out creepy and then…well ok, it just stays creepy.


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