Monday, May 11, 2009

Links of Interest 5/11

Quantum physics is hard.

See how the swine flu became the swine flu.

This article is scary for two reasons – it suggests Wal-Mart employees can predict a recession, and…well that should be good enough for 2 reasons.

Looking at how underdogs win.

Watch out, the sharks have a secret lair! And while it’s a different species of shark, this discovery now gives the plot of Jaws: The Revenge credence. Not the shark following someone to Jamaica based on revenge, but that a cold water shark would hang out in the warm waters of Jamaica. Scientists, however are still trying to figure out how Michael Caine’s shirt could be completely dry 8 seconds after he was completely submerged in water.

I’m not 100% sure these are supposed to turn me on.

Least bankable stars in Hollywood.

Every so often a new search engine is unveiled and hailed as the one that will take down Google. And every time I have to use Google to find it. So...

JJ Abrams is the golden boy right now with the success of Star Trek. Here’s a list of franchises he should now turn his attention to.

Cool idea for a picture – the path of a Roomba in a room.

A list of funny one liners from I have A Pony, Steven Wright’s classic comedy album, which is getting re-released tomorrow.

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