Thursday, May 21, 2009

Links of Interest 5/21

Apologies for the lack of updates these past few days. I have been on the road tending to less important yet more lucrative business, and Cline, well, you know.

Look what companies could do with advertising on semi-trucks.

The possible future of television.

The more I see of Inglourious Basterds, the less I’m excited.

Ghostbusters 3 is apparently closer to reality. Good thing or bad thing?

Interview with the current guy-who-can-do-no-wrong, JJ Abrams.

Looking for a planet like Earth.

I link to lists like this not so much to definitively give you a list of the best whatevers, but more to show that these lists simply cannot be considered definitive. And if you followed that, you’re a better person than I, because I jumped out after making up the word “whatevers.”

Now this list – this list is definitive. And awesome in a 80s hair metal way.

Perhaps a sign that we’ve taken the bacon craze a little too far.

So what has George Bush been up to these days?

Finally, an answer after all these years – what’s it like inside Neil Patrick Harris' house?

Apparently American Idol doesn’t like the greatest song ever written – and free, awesome publicity.

Here’s a look at television show marathons for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

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