Monday, May 18, 2009

Links of Interest 5/18

Take a look at how season 34 of SNL broke down.

Sure you might be an economics whiz, doesn’t mean you still don’t make mistakes.

Can an article really explain what makes us happy? Actually the article is about a study that is trying to figure it out. So I will amend my question: Can a study really explain what makes us happy?

My country would be so awesome.

Who says science can’t be fun? (Besides me.)

ok fine, so science really can be fun, as long as you can get funding for crackpot theories.

Sometimes bigger doesn’t always mean better. I will now stab myself in the stomach for using that cliché unironically.

It almost seems as though the term “biodegradable” doesn’t really mean anything.

Ok sure, so a hip hop special might not seem that big a deal to you – until you find out it’s from 1981.

I bet Moises Alou totally nodded to himself the entire time he read this.

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