Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cline's last wish - to meet Stephen Baldwin. MAKE IT HAPPEN

Yes, it's true, that's Cline's last wish. Until he makes another one, I think it's only fair we try to grant him this one. Besides, his other wishes are really creepy and unwholesome, so working on this one at least means we don't have to delve too deep into his weird fantasies.

Yes, you can help. Go here, and vote for Cline's blog post (It's the one at the bottom. Methinks someone is trying to bury him. Don't let them get that satisfaction! Vote him through!)

A little backstory. A completely legitimate and not sketchy email landed on the desk of The Popcorn Trick's Chief of Email, talking up a contest loosely linked with NBC's "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here." The email said as long as you had a valid passport and could prove you were a US citizen you could enter.

Entering meant agreeing to write a series of blog entries based on someone's topic of choice and the reality show. Being deathly afraid of celebrities, and seeing a chance for Cline to double or even possibly triple his number of posts, I quickly decided he was the right person for the job. And he didn't disappoint. Seriously, check it out here, and give him the vote. Eventually, after a few more blog posts, we could see our man Cline jet setting off to Costa Rica, to most likely catch some as yet unknown disease. And who doesn't dream of at least knowing Patient 0 of a global pandemic? So do all you can do, vote all you can and tell your friends. Let's get Cline to meet a third tier Baldwin! (Yes, I rank Daniel #2).

And the relevance of the Megan Fox picture? It has both nothing and everything to do with this competition.

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