Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cool Shit 7/19

There are some pretty spectacular pictures here...all taken from a plane. Or maybe a balloon. Possibly a blimp. At least I know they're from the sky.

While the guy doing it leaves a little to be desired, this video is a cool look at what movies could have been, and what movies we never got, but could have.

If you've been even semi-following this blog, you most likely have at least heard of the movie Escape from Tomorrow, the small, independent film that was shot sans permission at Disneyland. It's a neat story of ingenuity and chutzpah. Of course, when it screened at Sundance to decent reviews, people figured there was no way it would ever get released. Well, that actually doesn't seem to be the case, at least according to this article. The ever litigious Disney Corporation is taking a "less attention to the matter will make it go away quicker" approach, something that to me, seems a little fishy. I mean, they go after everyone in order to protect their brand, but now all of the sudden with a movie that allegedly casts the theme park in a moderately negative light (rumors I've heard turn some of the princesses into prostitutes) they're hands off.

So, I have a theory. I believe this film is actually clever marketing for an actual Disney film called Tomorrowland, which will come out next year. I'm not sure how the two will connect, and I realize this would be unprecedented but also a genius marketing move. Because I just don't believe Disney is simply giving this independent movie a free pass based on the concept that if they go after it they will be creating more publicity for it.

Or maybe I'm just part of the marketing machine for either/both these movies and you're really being played. Trustno1.

So if you're local bar doesn't have a resident Cliff Clavin, memorize these crazy facts about the Earth and head on down to annoy all!

Argh, it's things like this that get me more frustrated with Lost, a television show that has been off the air for years! Here's a "guide" that was given to writers after the pilot aired (I believe) to help them create stories for the show. If only it had been followed a little closer, we might have had a nice, self-contained show.

Joined Pinterest awhile ago and are not really sure why? Take a look at these 65 accounts on it and pick up some useful things that will help with your life. And then pretend they were your ideas all along.

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