Monday, September 9, 2013

Cool Shit 9/9

Burning Man has always been a intriguing event for me, being that I'm over 3,000 miles away from it, and not likely to ever get there. But I enjoy its vision and ideals, and hope it continues without ever selling out, over commericalizing or degrading into something it doesn't stand for. And if you need an idea of what it is all about, these 50 pictures of the best art installations over the years do a great job.

Beastie Boys on Arsenio Hall back in the day (1992). Special appearance by Cypress Hill at the end. Surpringly, it takes about 3 seconds before Cypress Hill makes a weed reference. I think that's actually a long time for them.

Be careful when you decide to run a contest, survey or poll on the internet, because you might not like the results. But let's hear it for Pitbull, for at least abiding by the results.

I loved The Fall Guy as a kid, so the news is bad enough that Dwayne Johnson is on board with the remake. But to hear McG is set to helm? It's a travesty. Also, no word on Doug Barr reprising his role? I can't imagine he's busy. Let's just enjoy the opening credits here and hope this never happens.

(Some people might suggest Kelsey Grammar is the apex of stars singing theme songs to their television shows, but I think you'll agree with me that the dulcet tones of Lee Majors here blows him out of the water.)

Ok, I know the allure of Craigslist is delicious to some of you, taunting you, begging you, seducing you to reply, to explore, to reach out into the semi-unknown...and I know for every ugly transgression there are probably thousands of successful transactions/meetups/whatevers...but seriously, show a little caution. (Also, this story is really well put together, so definitely read it.

If this Hamm's commercial ran today, I think I might actually drink a Hamms. And that's saying something. Actually, if they recast the "cook" with John Hamm, I'd definitely drink a Hamms. Do you hear that Hamms? You've got at least one Hamms customer if you recast John Hamm in the following Hamms commercial!


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