Friday, September 27, 2013

The Popcorn Trick's Fall Television Guide: Friday

It's almost not worth mentioning tonight's programming, as I like to call Friday nights on television: News spectacular night, as we get a lot of hyper-sensationalized news programming either alarming us to the infinite dangers in our house, or creating laser beam focus on some young white girl's murder.

It looks like ABC might have 2 new sitcoms premiering tonight: The Neighbors and Last Man Standing, though I honestly can't tell you whether they're new or they've been on the air for the last 10 years. I can tell you that they are at least new episodes of those shows, so if you're a fan, of either/both: get excited!

I can also mention that FOX will be running another season of MasterChef with Gordon Ramsey and the two other guys, only this season there will be a twist: the contestants are kids! You know, because Kid Nation did so well, why not get more kids on television and scream at them? While I'm sure Ramsey will tone it down a bit for the kids and not scream (as much) does anyone else feel a little icky that we're watching kids perform on a show that was originally developed for adults? Who is the audience for a show like this? I'm genuinely asking.

There's a bunch of other shows on tonight as well, but seriously, do you care? Friday is the vegetables on your dinner plate of weekly television viewing, and we all know it. Stuff it in your napkin and catch up on all your DVR shows.

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