Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cool Shit 9/5

If this doesn't sum up what's wrong with our social values, than I don't know what does. A billionaire - BILLIONAIRE - competing in the sport of kings, already trying to price everyone out of an already priced out "sport" (yachting), has a team penalized for cheating. Congrats Larry Ellison! You've made it difficult for me to root for the USA!

So, James Cameron suggests that the upcoming film Gravity is the best "space" film ever made. I guess I'll just assume he hasn't seen Ice Pirates?

Speaking of Gravity, here's a new trailer for the movie. Is it possible to be claustrophobic in the endless mass of space?

A look at how real Breaking Bad told by a former drug kingpin.

My brother, self-proclaimed "World's biggest Arby's fan," apparently has some competition. I mean, I'm not even sure he's been to more than 5 Arby's total.

This list of 10 cover songs from the last ten years is shockingly bad. Look for a counter list from myself later today.

Here's another story for the UGM Club! (The UGM club was a club I founded with 2 other members to explore the mysterious world of UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters. Though we haven't had a meeting since second grade when we founded the club, I'm pretty sure I can get the gang back together for this one.)

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