Monday, September 23, 2013

Cool Shit 9/23

This is a detailed look at the body count John Rambo tallied in the first 3 Rambo movies. Very detailed. Like maybe-this-author-should-be-on-some-sort-of-watchlist detailed. And yet why it excludes Rambo 4 I'll never know. So the creator is an obsessively detailed person that doesn't pay attention to detail I guess.

Stephen King has a a new book coming out, called Dr. Sleep. It's a sequel of sorts to The Shining. Say what you want about Stephen King, but the man can write. Simply because he's a genre writer, he gets short shrift, but he will go down as one of the country's greatest novelists. Or at least should. Here's an interview with the fella.

Grand Theft Auto made over $800 million dollars in sales in one day. It's already over the one billion dollar mark. Controversy sells I guess. And this person bought it and proceeded to "solve" it within 38 hours. Here's his account.

341 diamond robberies? Called the Pink Panther Gang? Ridiculous. The story is incredible. Is this guy on their trail yet?

Fantastic natural landscapes. Places everyone should make a point of trying to visit someday.

No tribute for Jack Klugman on the Emmys last night? Why, he was only 50% of the Odd Couple! 100% of Quincy. I too, like Klugman's son, am outraged! Which is why The Popcorn Trick will provide it's own tribute for Mr. Jack Klugman!

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