Friday, September 27, 2013

Cool Shit 9/27

So, there's a new drug out there (well not new, but usage is spiking in the US), krokodil one that has a similar high to heroin. Oh and it also will eat away at your skin down to the bone. So if you want to look/feel like a zombie - it's out there!

Yeah, but what about Chinese Democracy, Mr. Albini? WHAT ABOUT THAT?

Bo Diddley knows which side is up. Especially about cows.

The Coen Brothers (along with John Goodman) talk about their latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis. And it really sounds like a real rainbows and unicorn type story!

A new Between 2 Ferns is out, this one starring Justin Bieber, and dammit if it still doesn't work. By now, you might think the format is a little tired, but it works. Credit to Zach Galifianakis and Scott Auckerman et al. for pulling it off...

These are fantastic and no way ever the worst music references to sex.

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