Friday, September 20, 2013

Cool Shit 9/20

I'm not sure if reading articles like this should make me feel good that the Pentagon has people as stupid as me working on major projects, or make me feel bad that the Pentagon has people as stupid as me working on major projects.

Proof of alien life! You'd think, a story as big as that might be picked up by a few other news agencies. Oh well. Their loss I guess.

Network executives bickering. Over Netflix. It bemuses me to read articles like this, since shouldn't network executives, instead of calling the other ones out, be challenged to simply be better than their competitors? Don't like what Netflix is doing? Come up with something better than Netflix! I know that's obviously easier said than done, but it's also a smarter strategy than "bashing Netflix in hopes of making them look stupid." Pretty sure Netflix isn't going to crumble after being called names. But hey, I'm not a network executive.

Trailer for Snowpiercer, a movie I'm excited for. Why? Because it looks so fantastically insane. And it sounds so fantastically insane. Allegedly it's a class warfare story based on a post apocalyptic train. I do have one question - why doll up Tilda Swinton so much to look old and unrecognizable. Isn't her look just begging for Maggie Smith to have been cast?

Of course Google wants people to live longer. It will completely revolutionize their revenue stream!

Apparently this Dario Argento fellow has a cult following, mostly based on his film Suspiria. I've never seen Suspiria, and after watching the trailer for his latest movie, Dracula 3D, I'm not rushing it to put it into my Netflix cue. Though it boasts Rutger Hauer, it also seems to boast student film production values and stilted acting.

Brilliant. The "Sassy" Rick Grimes Halloween costume. For $49.99. Because if you think you can just pick up a machete and pair it with your sexy cop costume you wore last year, you got another thing coming! Walking Dead forever!

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