Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cool Shit 12/11

James Bond posters reimagined as designed by Saul Bass! Are these for sale? Can I buy these? I would buy every one easily! A ha! They are for sale. Please feel free to buy mean any/all of these. Seriously, any of these posters would make great Christmas presents. For me.

Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis was a song unlike any other when it came out, in that it was a modern Christmas carol that didn't seem immediately steeped in the traditions of long ago. Hear more about it from one of its creators.

They might not have been the best movies, but their posters sure look cool. Well, at least some of them. Not sure they represent the best of 2013, but who am I, anyway?

Awhile ago, we posted a trailer to the upcoming television show Helix. And now we have the first review, which suggests it will be good. Like Lost good. Well, Lost good up until the finale which made Lost not very good. But we're not here to live in the past. We can only hope this new show learns from our past mistakes. Honestly it looks like a cross between The Thing and The X-Files, which in my book, is a pretty decent mashup.

And finally, two new trailers wrap up today's cool shit...

There's a new Godzilla movie coming out. It has a lot to live up to following the Roland Emmerich masterpiece of 1998:

And then there's a new movie from the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending. Form the looks of this, it looks deliciously horrible :

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