Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cool Shit 12/17

The year in photo lists are starting to trickle in. This list is labeled, "the most surprising photos of 2013." While I'm not sure how surprising they really are, they do offer a look at some of the stranger moments and happenings from the past year. Definitely worth a look.

Bitcoin is a buzz word these days, as a form of digital currency. Maybe it takes off; I'm doubtful however, for the simple fact that it wasn't created by the big business, and therefore isn't necessarily condoned by big business yet. Oh sure, you'll hear stories that it's getting a foothold here and there, and there's the occasional story of a place accepting bit coins that isn't the dark web, but until Amazon opens its doors to Bitcoin, I'm going to assume it's a niche concept, and will soon become synonymous with Amway. But, if you want to attempt to understand just how Bitcoin works, this article is probably a good place to start.

Hollywood Blacklist for 2013 is out! No, it's not anything to do with race; the Blacklist is a list of the supposed best unproduced screenplays floating around Hollywood.

Ugh, I'm not sure how I feel about the news about a sequel to Rounders. I think the first movie worked so well (artistically at least, not financially) is because it was so mired in the nitty gritty of a basement poker game. Before the game's popularity on ESPN, the game was dirty, gritty and had an air of mystery around it. And the movie lived in that world, and worked hard NOT to offer the audience everything. But now, with the game more popular than ever, the natural inclination is to write a poker movie using that popularity. And I just don't know stylistically, if that will work. I hope I'm wrong. And I wish Malkovich was coming back, though it sounds like he isn't. How 'bout a Jannsen cameo at least?

I share this LA theater link for two reasons: 1) it updates us on the whereabouts of Brian Dennehy, and I for am glad to see he's getting work; and 2) I'm shocked, SHOCKED, Brian Dennehy is playing a cop in something.

Someone dug through Etsy for these Christmas gifts so you didn't have to. Of course, getting them depends on your relationship with that special someone. We here at The Popcorn Trick do not endorse the giving of any of these. That said, we hope they get you laid.

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