Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cool Shit 12/18

The one thing I learned watching this 80s police training video is that criminals like to stab...A LOT.

Seriously, what are you going to do with this thing if you buy it? You're going to shoot rubber bands at things for about fifteen minutes, realize it's a nightmare to reload the rubber bands, and then sit it somewhere on the bookshelf behind your desk. For $50 I'll buy you a bag of rubber bands and sit in your office and shoot them with my hand at whatever you want.

An empirical look (as empirical as it could be I guess) at how bad NFL broadcasters are. Bet you can guess which one is statistically the worst!

I know I've posted about the quietest place on the Earth before, but this at least goes into a little more detail about why you couldn't hang in there too long (you eventually could hear your lungs!). Still, I'm pretty sure I could spend a few days in there at least, right?

An oral history of the crazy network all-out brawl in Anchorman. Worth it alone to read about the weapons selections.

A list of movies from 2013 that you may not have seen, but should have?

Timelapse time! This one of the beauty of California. You know, it's not all about the Hollywood sign and weed farms!

Check out this cool global map of wind directions. Zoom in, zoom out, this thing is crazy!

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