Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cool Shit 12/3

I love the legend of the Chicago Max Headroom hack, probably because it remains a legend and no one has ever been caught or taken credit for it. That doesn't mean there haven't been suspects over the years. Suspects that have recently come to, at least a moderate level of light.

With the increase of cameras and digital photography, we're only going to see more of these perfectly times pictures.

The MLB/Alex Rodriguez PED story is a tired one that few people outside of baseball writers care much about at this point. I'm pretty sure the majority of the public who have any type of interest believe he took steroids, but also are growing weary of the intense, terminator-like approach MLB (and specifically Bud Selig) are taking to ensure he is suspended for his actions. And yet, with this recent reveal of just how bizarre the situation has been and continues to be, the interest might start picking back up. Who realized there was such a tanning circle cult?

Enjoy these pictures of where trolls live, or Iceland as you might know it.

This might be a joke, but it also provides some valuable information if you ever find yourself on the wrong end of a mad baby.

Listen, I'm sure some people might feel 00000000 was too easy a passcode to launch nuclear missiles. But you have to understand, a much harder passcode, something like 55378008 would be much harder to remember and then how would we launch our nuclear weapons?

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