Monday, December 2, 2013

Cool Shit 12/2

2013 is so over; let's look ahead to 2014, especially in movies. Here's a list of 14 potential flops coming in the new year. Side note: what's with all the historical fantasy epics we're about to get?

So the fog rolled into the Grand Canyon a couple days ago, and somehow made it look more crazy and spectacular. And it only happens about once every decade.

The GI Joe Fensler parodies, ranked. If you don't know what they are, basically after the GI Joe cartoon from the late 80s, there would be a goofy little PSA starring some of the GI Joes and kids. Fast forward 10 years and someone (I assume "Fensler" turned them into parodies - bizarre parodies that will warp your mind. How pork chop sandwiches got only 10 though, I'll never understand.

Speaking of insane, here's a Japanese movie trailer about a girl who can merge with her teddy bear to become some sort of superbero in order to fight off zombies. Because of course.

And then, speaking of Japan, there's a company there that is talking about building a huge solar panel farm to create energy for the world. Sounds like a great plan until you hear that they are planning to build it on the moon. This sounds less feasible and more like the plot to a James Bond movie in my opinion.

Basically if you live near a lake of relatively substantial size, you can assume there's a sea monster in it.

Think Breaking Bad was all roses and unicorns? Check out this documentary of the "real Walter White," and maybe think twice about starting your own meth empire.

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