Friday, December 13, 2013

Cool Shit 12/13

The Kings of Kong documentary has given rise to a new breed of Donkey Kongers, but the spirit of rivalry still exists.

There are plenty of year end lists to be currently wading through. Like this one for example, for the best new beers of 2013.

So, want to take a guess what the lowest grossing movie made this year? $72

I can't speak to the effectiveness of any of these legal highs (because I like my highs illegal), so choose at your own risk. And let me know. And keep some for me. Because really, I'm not that picky when it comes to my highs. That first part was just a ruse. A terrible co-dependent ruse.

Hey guys, Beyonce has a new album out! It just dropped today. Unbeknownst to no one!

Love the People's Court (Wapner for life!) And this video of the Plantiff entrances takes me back...

So basically, James Bond would be in AA by now.

Want to know how the average NFL journeyman exists? This is a horrifying, cruel, sometimes-funny look at what an NFL player has to endure and go through to play the stupid sport of football.

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