Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cool Shit 12/19

New Between Two Ferns. It's their Christmas special!

Who doesn't want to watch a movie called Big Ass Spider?

By now you probably saw the pictures of the fog rolling into the Grand Canyon the other month, but have you seen the time-lapse of the whole thing?

Any interest in seeing what the Pinterest offices look like? Pin it if you like it!

Cool 360 degree panoramic views of the Bonneville Salt Flats at dusk and at night. Actually it's more than 360 degrees since you can go up and down as well as left and right. Let's just go with "immersive."

Hosting during the holidays but don't want to shell out the big cash on a cheese plate? Never fear, you can pull it off with a simple trip to the supermarket!

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Unknown said...

They played "Big Ass Spider" at the Art Museum drive-in. It was a double feature with "Arachnophobia". Big Ass Spider was bad but in a kinda good way.