Friday, December 20, 2013

Cool Shit 12/20

They didn't all make me laugh, but a lot did, so it's worth checking out these gifs from 2013.

Yesterday it was the oral history of the fight scene in Anchorman. Today it's the oral history for Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back video.

Listen, at this point you can't walk into a Wes Anderson movie and get surprised by what you see. You'll either enjoy it, or you won't. His style and love for symmetry is on full displaying his latest movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel...

I mean, it's cool to read about tracking great white sharks, but if the Jaws series taught me anything, it's that tracking them can lead to trouble, as sharks can hold vendettas and also leap out of the water and try to sink your ship.

Science has to come up with some alternate solutions to antibiotics, since viruses are getting smarter and more resistant. Well, maybe smarter isn't the right word. Or maybe it is and we just don't know it. Maybe think about that as you wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap!

Let's really ramp up this war on Santa. The only problem? We'd probably lose.

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