Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cool Shit 12/4

A "new" political movement, born out of the necessity that the current politics suck. Diving into Dark Enlightenment at first, it sounds as though it has some interesting beliefs. It's went you drill down to the racist portions of it that the ball of twine starts to unravel.

Also - these guys need a marketing company. To be taken seriously you shouldn't refer to yourselves as a movie villain, specifically a movie villain from a movie that people were so disappointed with. Also, having "dark" in your name? The connotation is kinda negative.

The trend of flavoring vodka has probably reached its apex, and then stumbled and crashed after releasing these flavors.

I want to eat with each one of these bizarre utensils. The "bitten" silverware specifically.

Want to see a cock fight? A legitimate, legal cockfight? Puerto Rico is your place! I think the one thing crazier than heading to Puerto Rico to watch a cockfight is heading to Puerto Rico to watch a cockfight and ordering ceviche there.

I want to believe this is exactly what spending an evening with Bill Murray would be like, but I can't. Still it's a fun story.

The latest trailer for Monuments Men, which gives you pretty much the entire movie, so if nothing else, you can't say you were surprised what this movie was about when it comes out.

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