Monday, January 12, 2015

Cool Shit 1/12

I doubt I'll be around to enjoy the extension of my life span, so really what do I care if future generations live longer?

If you're into beer, this is an interesting article about how Sam Adams used to be a craft beer, and how current craft beers see it as big business. Honestly, I still think Sam Adams is one of the better beers and has maintained its quality as it has expanded. I wonder if the breweries that are against him will be able to say the same thing if/when they get to its size.

Sent by one of my friends, one of the best drone videos ever. You have to wait until the end though to appreciate it, but it's only 1:29:

With a bunch of people and looking for something to do? Check out this flowchart on how to pick the perfect board game to play.

The Fitz Traverse - a mind boggling challenge of climbing seven peaks in one trek down in Patagonia. Also, unrelated, Patagonia is on my bucket list.

A secret race tunnel in the wilds of Pennsylvania!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains how long you'd survive on the surface of each planet in our solar system:

Some unsolved mysteries from World War I.

New trailer for Better Call Saul. Now, I love Bob Odenkirk, but as I watch this trailer I'm getting a little nervous. He worked great as some comic relief in Breaking Bad, but can you create a show around comic relief? Here's to hoping he isn't playing to the balcony all the time, like he seems to be doing in this trailer:

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