Thursday, January 22, 2015


Some food trend predictions for 2015. I have no idea how you would even measure these, but hey if it sells magazines...

The scary world of e-readers and what the data companies are collecting about our reading habits tell publishers. Basically, that we're all stupid when it comes to reading.

So that's why I felt like having sex with that monster!

Dear George Lucas. I am sure it stings when someone who pays you four billion dollars for your ideas to make the next Star Wars. HOWEVER, given your track record, and those four billion dollars, I'm not really sure I can drum up that much sympathy for you.
universe decides not to use

Sundance is coming up. Here are ten movies that are generating some pre-festival buzz.

Some FOX network programming news, including picking up Luther - the remake, which might just be impossible to pull off.

Now you can invest in the hunt for Bigfoot with the guy who tried to pull off a stuffed gorilla costume as Sasquatch. Seems like an investment no better or worse than half the NYSE offerings.

I don't necessarily believe the story here is that we're increasing the Turing Test to more accurately whether machines can think, I think it's that machines are already gaming people by being young foreign boys. We're not going to be destroyed by AI...we're going to be arrested in pedophilia stings.

Sleep. Why is it I hate to go to bed sometimes but absolutely hate getting up?

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