Friday, January 9, 2015

Cool Shit 1/9

What's better than some awesome breakdancing? Awesome breakdancing with fireworks!

Ridiculous footage of NYC taken by drone...

Interview with RZA about all sorts of Wu-Tang related shit.

What's the worst board game ever? What does that even mean?

This is a cool animated infographic of all the missions we've sent to Mars - both failed and succeeded. What I want to see is next the Mars missions sent to Earth.

Trailer for The Voices - starring Ryan Reynolds. What I would deem a "black comedy."

This New Zealand ride looks completely insane and completely awesome. I assume there's some sort of brake mechanism on it for dealing with the turns and whatnot, but I still feel I would lose a tremendous amount of skin scraping against the ground on the way down:

A great look at what it means to be Kobe Bryant.

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