Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cool Shit 1/14

Choose Your Own Adventure. On Twitter. Probably the best example of what Twitter can offer us.

Love the Dakar Rally. I feel like, while there's no way I would be able to compete against professional drivers, I would be within the top 2% of drivers racing the Dakar Rally for the first time. Maybe even 1%. Anyway, here are some pictures from this year's race.

I get that Serial was a huge phenomena and a lot of people got caught up in it. I even sorta understand the mild backlash post airing (thought the Intercept's coverage, including Jay's and the prosecutor's interviews was bizarre. I'm guessing it had little more to do with "let's attack something popular to build controversy and therefore more web hits). What I don't understand is the fact that all Serial was was basically an episode of Dateline or Unsolved Mysteries, stretched over ten hours or so. When you get right down to it, there are probably thousands of similar cases, and to think that this one is special enough to deep dive on the investigation. The attacks against Sarah Koenig, reporting the story really don't make any sense. Here's an interview Rabia Chaudry, Adnan's current champion, who had issues with Koenig's reporting, since, apparently it wasn't pro Adnan enough.

What it's like during a prison riot at Guantanamo Bay.

How teens use social media.

Genius: A new site that apparently wants to annotate the web. I'm sure I'm not thinking of all the implications, but it sounds like it has potential.

What it took to make the classic album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

A winter hike through California's Lost Coast.

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