Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cool Shit 1/7

I thought this list of "things you wouldn't believe exist" was mildly interesting, but not earth shattering. Until I got to the dog poop calendar. Then it goes to another level.

New Go! Team album! With a new song released!

What is the Cicada, and what's it doing in the deep web?

Serial made podcasts cool (even though they've been around forever), so take a look at these recommendations.

Amazon has a new slate of pilots for 2015. And honestly, none of them sound that great.

On paper, the idea of Bradley Cooper playing air guitar sounds stupid and something that should be mocked relentlessly. But then you watch it, and dang it if it doesn't work. It doesn't hurt that the solo is from Neil Young's Down By the River, which suggests Cooper is then a big fan...

Nothing to see here, just a Columbian fireworks factory exploding! (Also - if "Columbian fireworks factory" isn't already a sex term, it should be):

A "lost" David O. Russell screwball comedy starring Jessica Biel that hasn't seen the light of day, until possibly now. I see why it was buried...

Coachella 2015 was announced. Need some incentive to go? Here's a playlist of (just about) every band scheduled to perform:

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