Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cool Shit 1/20

Searchable, previously classified United States information on UFOs from over the years. If you're into that sort of thing. No wonder FOX wants to get X-Files back onto the air.

Just in case you had a human-sized microwave, a neighbor you didn't like and questionable morals, here's what would happen if you took said neighbor and put him/her in that said microwave.

If any of my rich readers want to get me a little gift, they can start with this. In return I will host a macabre dinner party with it.

Two things about this video of a truck sliding on the icy road:

1. There seems to be absolutely no reaction from within the car from where the video was being taken, even with almost certain death barreling down on them.

2. There seems to be little suggestion of stopping to see whether anyone was hurt or if they could do anything. Now I realize it's possible they did (they were on the shoulder) or maybe they thought getting out increased risk of them and others getting hurt which I understand. I just hope that as soon as the video was over, at the very least they used the phone to dial 911.

Even most experts can't tell the differences between wines.

For whatever reason, I feel like I need to know how to escape a moving car on the highway. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to teach my eight year old how to drive a car so I can practice.

A video timeline of all the X-Men ever. If you're into that sorta thing:

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