Monday, January 19, 2015

Cool Shit 1/19

Enjoy Neil Young? What about bands that enjoy Neil Young? Then enjoy these bands covering Neil Young.

Some people have an insane amount of time to invest in some crazy theories. Also, how can I get my crazy insane theories out there to a broader audience?

What a cool idea - setting up a virtual museum for all the stolen/lost art no one can actually see anymore.

It's hard to keep up with the new television shows, now that it seems new series can drop at any point during the year (and not just in that once-traditional end-of-September period of yesteryear). Here's a look at some of the stuff that is coming up, or recently began airing.

And here's a great list of some television mystery shows - and where you can find them - so you can binge watch at your leisure.

Excited for this new HBO documentary series created by the directors of Capturing the Friedmans call The Jinx. Apparently it's about Robert Durst, a man accused of three murders over the years. But I think there may be a bit more to the story. Let the influence of Serial commence!

Would an Apache helicopter be able to take down a dragon in a aerial dog fight? It would if the video was sponsored by the United States government! (Ok, so I'm not 100% certain the Smithsonian channel is sponsored by the US Government, but c'mon - either this is a not-so-subtle recruitment video for the US Airforce, or phase 1 of a plan to reveal to the public that dragons exist, but that the armed forces have a plan to handle the situation. Both scenarios are frightening).

The X-Files...coming back to FOX? I'm on board!

While I won't care about any of this if it happens to me, you know, since I'll be dead, it's kind of weird to read about the potential of it all happening to corpses right now.

Sometimes crashing your camera-equipped drone has its benefits...especially if you happen to crash it around a coral reef in Australia.

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